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    10 Carden Shared Space

    A Million Elephants


    Advanced Office Solutions

    Althaea Herb Farm



    Atlas Studio


    Best Breast Vest Company

    Blue Valley Building Corporation

    Career Aviators

    Centre Staged Inc.

    Charity Republic

    Chipmunk Health

    Chocolate Tales

    Computing Dynamics

    D-Day Wear by Attitude & Ideas Inc.

    Dick Duff’s Inc.

    Dirty Seahorse

    Doodle Lovely

    Dr. Kirstie Griffiths Chiropractic & Yoga

    Duckish Natural Skin Care

    Elora Farmers’ Market

    EMREACH Inc.

    Energrow Inc.

    Fabrik Architects Inc.


    Fill it Forward

    FlowSpec Engineering

    Focus on Nature

    Fressy Bessie Foods Inc.

    Gauge Gamification


    Good Roots Consulting

    Grey Rock Clothing Co.

    Grip Idle Management Inc (Canadian Extreme Climate Systems, Ltd.)

    Harmony Wellness Collective


    HyIvy Health

    IRIS R&D Group Inc.

    Jewels Under The Kilt Inc


    Katan Kitchens / Quinta Local Superfoods Inc.

    KiKi Maple Water Beverages


    KMH Touches Inc.

    La Cucina di Natalina / Natalina’s Kitchen

    Laura Raes Caramel Co.

    Laza Food & Beverages Inc.

    Lenjo Bakery

    Life Of A Server App

    Life Recovery Program : Inward Strong Wellness Program

    Lighthouse Lemonade

    LJ Turtle Aromatherapy

    Lockit Solutions

    Lucy Pearlle

    Lulu Education

    Luxe Shield

    Majestic Water Buffalo

    Mambella’s Market

    Midnight Illusions


    MMTR Physiotherapy

    N’oats Cereal

    Nud Fud Inc.

    Pollinate Networks Inc

    Quote Kong LTD

    Rebar by Site Safety Solutions

    Revel Cider Company

    Rillea Technologies Inc

    rND Bakery

    Robin Interiors

    Robin’s Nest Family Care and My Wellness Compass

    Sekond Skin Society

    Skican Ltd.


    Start Smart inc.

    Stratodynamics Aviation Inc.

    Sweet Temptations Cupcakery

    T’s Complete Move Inc

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    The Libella Project

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    Urban Cottage Landscapes

    Urban Stalk Inc.

    UTComp, Inc

    Wastenot Farms Inc.

    WaterFarmers Urban Agriculture

    Welo Inc.

    WelTel Inc.

    Woven Threads – Handcrafted Ceremonies

    Wyndham Forensic Group